Armed Attack – Shield Programme

Most organisations be they educational, retail or business will have plans and procedures in place for emergencies such as fire, flooding, power cuts or bomb threats. These procedures will have been tried and tested and deemed ‘fit for purpose’.

However, what about the unthinkable, the terrorist or active shooter / armed attack? How prepared are you or your staff to deal with these threats?

As a company or organisation you have both the legal and moral responsibility for the wellbeing of your staff and service users. Fortunately these types of attacks are rare but, unfortunately, they are becoming more frequent and the resultant loss of life is catastrophic. Can you afford not to risk manage the consequences?

Our Shield Programme, which has been developed by highly experienced personnel, will empower you and your staff with the knowledge and practical ways to mitigate these threats.

The Shield Programme will be delivered by specialist trainers who have been involved with planning, developing and delivering training packages for both the Metropolitan Police Service and National Counter Terrorism agencies.

Shield Programme - Contents

• The theory behind an attack and how to mitigate the threat using the ESCAPE mnemonic

• Practical skills

• Site report

• Annual drill

The training programme will be tailored to your company or organisation, looking at the risks specific to you and your staff. The training can be delivered on site or at another suitable venue.

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