Demonstrator Disorder Programme

Is your company or organisation at risk from protestors or demonstrations? Are your existing security procedures and protocols able to deal effectively with such an occurrence?

Protestor groups and demonstrators are becoming more advanced in their strategy and tactics in order to gain entry into premises and then cause as much disorder and disruption within buildings. What you may have considered the stereotypical demonstrator or protestor to look and dress like may prove completely unfounded, as in order to gain entry into premises protestors will blend into the background by dressing in the same way as your staff.

Our Demonstrator Disorder Programme, which has been developed by highly experienced personnel, will provide your staff with the knowledge and skills in order to deal effectively with this threat.

The programme will be delivered by specialist trainers who have been involved with planning, developing and delivering these specialist training packages for the Metropolitan Police. It will be tailored to your company or organisation, looking at the risks specific to your location and to your staff. The programme can be delivered on site or at another suitable location.

Demonstrator Disorder programme - Content

• The aims and objectives of protestors and demonstrators

• The strategy and tactics involved

• The ‘Incursion’

• Tactical response

• Practical skills

• Site report

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