As with any physical intervention there may be times when due to your role or working environment you may find yourself in a high risk situation and therefore, for a number of reasons having to restrict, restrain or physically control someone’s movement.

The Quik-Restraint System has been specifically developed in order to assist in situations when an individual needs to be safely controlled and restrained in a seat, such as on board an aircraft or in a vehicle during a secure transportation; in a hospital bed or on a hospital trolley.

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The use of the Quik-Restraint System, incorporating the Quik-Belt restraint device and Quik-Strap leg restraints, used appropriately, can help to reduce the potential for injury to both the person being restrained and your staff.

The system is intended to be used in conjunction with other appropriate wrist restraints to ensure the individual is effectively controlled and restrained in a safe position.

The training programme will be designed to ensure compliance within your own sector and working environment the Quik-Restraint System’s safe and effective application.

Anyone wishing to participate in this training should have completed a mechanical restraint and restrictive physical intervention programme, or be able to demonstrate that they have previously undertaken a similar training programme.

Training on the use of all mechanical restraints and restrictive interventions can be provided, either as part of this programme or as a separate package. Please click here for more details.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Quik-Restraint System training programme will include the following: