Disruptive Passenger and Physical Intervention Programmes – Reduce the Risks

Dealing with dissatisfied and often abusive, aggressive or even violent passengers on a flight can be a real challenge. Particularly with the increase of passenger numbers year on year, often the only person available to take their frustration and anger out on is your crew member.

Our Disruptive Passenger and Physical Intervention training programmes will give your cabin crew the confidence to deal effectively with passengers demonstrating difficult and challenging behaviour, thereby creating a safer and more positive working environment.

The training content focuses on the relevant situations and will give cabin crew the ‘real life’ understanding, practical skills and knowledge to deal with challenging passengers and conflict situations.

Our training programmes are based on prevention and personal safety and include:
> The Tokyo Convention and relevant legislation to deal with the 4 following levels,
1. Disruptive behaviour
2. Physically abusive behaviour
3. Life threatening behaviour
4. Attempted or actual breach of flight deck

> For a worse case scenario we can incorporated training in our Aviation Quik-Restraint System

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