Total Resolve Training are one of the UK’s leading trainers in Conflict Management and Physical Intervention, with over 15 years experience assisting businesses and organisations to resolve and address violence and aggression in the work place.

Incidents of abusive, hostile, threatening and violent behavior are now becoming more common both within the working environment and other areas of our lives. In working environments, such as within healthcare, staff have to find safe ways to deal with confused and possibly angry service users, ensuring their dignity and respect is maintained.

Having the skills to manage these situations and learning to identify the signs and pre-conditions to conflict will all help in deciding on the best courses of action to defuse situations and avoid deterioration leading to possible harm.

  • Proven training solutions for all sectors
  • Providers of the ‘Security Industry Authority’s’ (SIA) License Linked Qualifications
  • Bespoke training programmes designed for your specific needs
  • Full training needs analysis completed for every client
  • All our training staff have current extensive experience and knowledge of dealing with violence and aggression in the workplace.

Our ultimate aim is to help you to create a safe and positive environment for your staff and service users.

Our training is an important step towards achieving this and we work in close partnership with our clients to find practical and effective solutions to all types of workplace conflict.