Healthcare Quik-Restraint System

Our unique Healthcare Quik-Restraint System has been developed to assist in situations where, as a last resort, a service user suffering a violent episode can be controlled and restrained and safely secured on a bed or trolley.

The System can be used with any preferred wrist restraint.

Benefits of using the System:

  • Use of the system can help reduce the potential for injury to both the person being restrained and the staff involved
  • Provides complete, effective and safe control of the individual in a supine position
  • As none of the straps go around the abdomen or chest, or fully encircle the arms, there is no risk of interfering with breathing or circulation
  • The individual can be easily and quickly released in a medical emergency or when required
  • Fully medically assessed and endorsed
Technical Detail:
  • The straps have a breaking strain of at least 26.5kN (over 2.5 tonnes) and when loaded with 1 Tonne will only stretch between 8 – 10% of its length
  • The arm restraint strap securing buckle has a breaking strain of 116kg.

It is recommended that prior to using the Healthcare Quik-Restraint System full training should be undertaken.

For further details and information regarding the Healthcare Quik-Restraint System please contact us on 01689 666501.