Healthcare Training

Managing Challenging Behaviour Programme

Our Healthcare Training Programme helps care professionals to fulfill their duty of care, as well as the regulatory requirements in a way that ensures the continued dignity and respect of the service users, as well as reinforcing positive values and supports changes in behaviour, with a view to reducing restraints.

The programme concentrates on preventing and defusing conflict by developing practical skills and strategies to manage challenging behaviour and the related risks of workplace violence. Our training will play an significant role in empowering your staff, giving them the effective skills, understanding and knowledge, and vitally the confidence to deal with challenging behaviour.

Soft Skills Intervention Programme

Reducing Physical Restraint

For healthcare staff working in more challenging environments we have our Soft Skills Intervention programme. This training programme enables staff to deal with the more aggressive and violent behaviour effectively and above all safely, helping to reduce the risk of injury to service users and staff alike. The programme concentrates on less restrictive methods of intervention, looking at alternative methods together with de-escalation skills to help reduce any form of restraint.

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