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Security Industry Authority (SIA) Courses

Whether you’re looking for some in-house training for your staff or you’re considering a position within the security industry, we have a number of training programmes that will meet your needs.

Security operatives operate across many diverse roles, settings and environments, each with their own unique needs, challenges and risks. Understanding and adapting to these differing situations is vital if training is to be relevant and stimulate change in behaviours.

We have been providing the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Level 2 Licence Linked Qualifications for Door Supervisors, Security Officers and Physical Intervention since their introduction.

However, we recognise that standards within the security sector are being driven upwards by a combination of regulation, qualifications and discerning employers who acknowledge the value of well trained staff.

In light of this our training programmes don’t stop there, as we fully appreciate that continued personal development is vitally important and our tailored training programmes will continue to build on the skills, knowledge and experience already achieved.


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