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Disruptive Passenger Training Programme

Dealing with dissatisfied, unhappy and often abusive, intimidating or aggressive passengers on a daily basis and still provide excellent customer service can be a real challenge. Particularly with the increase of passenger numbers year on year, often the only person available to take their frustration and anger out on is your staff member.

Our Disruptive Passenger training programmes will give staff the confidence to deal effectively with passengers demonstrating difficult and challenging behaviour, thereby creating a safer and more positive working environment.

The training content is tailored to focus on the relevant situations and interactions your staff face in their day to day working environment. Although we recognise that some issues will vary according to the different roles carried out by staff.

The programme will give staff the ‘real life’ understanding, practical skills and knowledge to deal with challenging passengers and conflict situations.

Our range of training programmes gives you the confidence that not only will your staff be better equipped to deal with challenging situations, thereby creating a safer working environment for staff and passengers alike, but in addition you can be certain that you’ll get the support to ensure your company achieves a positive and sustainable outcome.

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