Quik-Strap Leg Restraint Device


Comprises of soft webbing material to go around the ankles, two hardened plastic ‘D’ rings and secured with Velcro. Supplied already in a figure of 8 configuration, however, can also be effectively used fully extended

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The Quik-Strap Leg Restraint Device

The Quik-Strap Leg Restraint has been developed to quickly and securely control the ankles to prevent or stop the legs from being able to kick out and cause injury. It can be supplied with a 25mm webbing securing strap to further control and secure the feet and ankles.

Comprising of 50mm wide soft webbing material with two ‘D’ rings and secured with Velcro.

The device can be applied in a number of ways.

  1. It is supplied already in a figure ‘8’ configuration, which allows the feet to be placed through the loops, quickly tightened around each ankle using the ‘D’ rings and then secured with the Velcro.
  2. The strap can be fully extended and then fed around each individual ankle, tightened with the ‘D’ ring and then both ankles secured with the Velcro.
  3. For speed, with the strap fully extended it can be wrapped around both ankles together, tightened using both ‘D’ rings and then once fully wrapped secured with the Velcro.

Once secured the the device MUST be regularly checked for tightness to ensure sufficient blood circulation.