Protestor Removal Training

With protests and demonstrations from groups such as Extinction Rebellion or Just Stop Oil becoming more regular and harder to predict, no venue or location can consider themselves not to be a potential target.

This protestor removal training will give your staff the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to firstly, and most importantly, prevent a protest from actually taking place, by looking for and recognising ‘anomalous’ behaviour. By utilising the Behavioural Detection techniques and skills delivered as part of this training your staff will gain the confidence to identify behaviour that is beyond the ‘base line’ for your venue or location. Thereby, enabling staff to intervene early and avoid or prevent protests or demonstrations from taking place.


Should a protest unfortunately start then the next stage will be to contain and limit the area within your venue or location where the protest can take place, to minimise disruption to other staff and/or visitors and the workplace. We will include tactics using your staff in order to limit access where possible to other or vulnerable areas.

Where the protestors have maybe gained access or a foothold into an area and are now engaged with their ‘protest’, then we will cover physical removal tactics that are safe, legal and effective, to enable your staff to remove the protestors without any police intervention. Bearing in mind, depending on a number of factors, the police response to a protest inside your venue or location may be viewed by them to be ‘Civil Trespass’, therefore, their actions will be limited, and certainly their response time could be lengthy. If it is deemed to be a civil trespass by the police then your staff will ultimately be required to enforce the removal of the protestors anyway.

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