Quik-Belt – Restraint Device

(Patent Pending GB1512151)

The Quik-Restraint System comprises of the Quik-Belt Restraint Device and two leg restraint Quik-Straps, so if necessary and proportionate, using the whole system will enable total control of the individual. A full training programme in the use of the Quik-Restraint System can be provided.

The system can be used in conjunction with any form of wrist restraint, such as rigid, hinged or chain linked handcuffs or the Quik-Tie Soft Restraint Device.

The benefits of using the Quik-Belt Restraint System:

  • The Quik-Belt was developed with simplicity and speed in mind, combining just two webbing straps – the belt strap (yellow) and the arms restraint strap (blue).
  • The restraining straps do not go around the individual’s chest or fully encircle the arms, therefore at no time is there a risk of interfering with the individuals breathing or circulation in the arms.

The yellow belt strap is simply applied over the back of the seat, bed or trolley, and secured in place.

The arms straps are then applied to safely restrain and control the person in position 

Both straps are secured behind the seat, bed or trolley

In an emergency or when required the individual can be quickly released from the device by simply unclicking the buckle on the arm restraint straps.


For further control the legs can be secured and controlled using the Quik-Straps.

The straps have a breaking strain of at least 26.5kN (over 2.5 tonnes) and when loaded with 1 Tonne will only stretch between 8 – 10% of its length

The arm restraint strap securing buckle has a breaking strain of 100kg.

The Quik-Belt Restraint System complies with full EASA form 1 certification for the aviation industry.

The Quik-Restraint System is supplied with a tamper proof re-useable bag, which if required can be supplied in a flame retardant material.

It is recommended that prior to using the Quik-Restraint System full training should be undertaken.

For further details and information regarding the Quik-Restraint System please contact us on 01689 666501.