Quik-Tie – Soft Wrist Restraint

(Patent pending GB1620770)

The wrist restraint has been expressly designed using soft webbing straps that encircle the wrists to significantly reduce the potential risk of injury. What makes the Quik-Tie device unique, compared to other soft wrist restraints on the market, is the incorporation of a 3 point release buckle, which is secured as part of the application process and provides valuable additional safety and security of the restrained individual.

A full training programme in the use of the Quik-Tie Soft Wrist restraint can be provided.

The Quik-Tie Soft Wrist Restraint can be used on its own or as part of the Quik-Restraint System.

The Use of Mechanical Restraints

Historically handcuffs are manufactured using metal, therefore in certain circumstances if the person is very violent, resisting or, if justified, restrained for a prolonged period of time there is an increased risk of the person sustaining an injury, particularly around the application site.

The benefits of using the Quik-Tie Soft Wrist restraint in these circumstances greatly reduces the risk of potential injury to the individual being restrained, due to the use of the soft webbing controlling the wrists, but also significantly increases the safety of the staff involved in the restraint process.

It is recommended that prior to using the Quik-Tie Soft Wrist Restraint full training should be undertaken.

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