Disengagement & Breakaway Skills

This disengagement and breakaway skills training builds on the learning from our Personal Safety and Conflict Management Course to assist individuals / staff with the practical skills to avoid assaults and get away from conflict situations.


Disengagement and Breakaway Skills

This training programme may not be necessary for every role, however, if you or your staff are in a position that carries a significant risk of violence being used against them, then these simple ‘real world’ practical skills will assist them to escape from an aggressive or escalating situation.

The ultimate aim is to help you and your staff avoid having to use any form of physical intervention as its use carries risks for everyone involved. However, we recognise that there may well be situations and or working environments where staff will have to use some form of physical intervention for many different reasons.

As with all our other training programmes, through a thorough consultation process we will work with you to identify what level of training is required and what therefore the type of physical intervention programme that is most appropriate.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understanding the background to conflict and recognising rising anger and the triggers to conflict                   • Managing and resolving conflict to avoid the use of physical interventions                                                               • Understanding and using dynamic threat assessment                                                                                                  • Using non aggressive signals through stance and tactical positioning                                                                        • Understanding physical interventions, the legal frame work surrounding their use and the implications and    risks involved if they’re applied                                                                                                                                          • Applying ‘real world’ simple disengagement and breakaway skills

All of our trainers have years of experience in using the physical intervention skills for real, rather than having learnt them from a book. They know they work as they’ve used them! That ‘real world’ experience proves invaluable when it comes to passing on the skills to your staff, as it provides them with confidence in that what they’re learning works in reality.

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