Edged Weapon Defence Training

This training is intended and focuses on situations where an edge weapon (knife) spontaneously appears and an attack starts therefore a defense is absolutely necessary.


Spontaneous Edge Weapon Defense

The issue of dealing with an edge weapon (knife) attack is that the martial arts / self defense industry is plagued by misconceptions and fallacies. The reason for this is very few people actually have any substantial experience of this type of attack.

This training focuses on using gross motor skills to escape the attack and get away, as this is the most successful strategy! It will NOT include complicated ‘disarming’ skills or techniques as we know that in reality these are almost impossible to achieve, as due to stress you’ll probably forget what or how to do them. However, we know that escape may not always be possible, therefore, we include other gross motor skills in order to stop the attack.  It will also emphasise the importance of a ‘positive mindset’ to survive not only these attacks but any type of attack.

We utilise a simple pneumonic ‘CUT’ as the framework for positive action.

One recent major study of knife (edge weapon) attacks found the following:

1. 71.1% of attacks are lead with the empty hand. In other words you may not even initially see the edge weapon as you will more than likely be focused on the free hand.                                                                              2. Most attacks are ambushes and you probably won’t see it coming.                                                                       3. 70.6% of attacks are launched within 3 feet of the victim. Knives/edge weapons are short range weapons, so it is no surprise that the attack starts at conversation range.                                                                                   4. Attacks are fast and furious. As attacks are at such close range victims tend to fall as they move backwards trying to escape their attacker.                                                                                                                                              5. Attacks don’t last long. Indeed the average incident time, from the moment the attack is launched to the moment it stops is 23 seconds. The median time is 14 seconds, which means half of the attacks last 14 secs. But 80% of all attacks studied last less than 32 seconds.                                                                                                 6. Attacks are more often performed with quick, short repetitive stabs at different angles. Commonly there will be a first wave of stabs where the  attacker taking advantage of the surprise, will land between 5 and 10 stabs, then as the victim fights back trying to escape the stabs will be spaced out.

Edge Weapon Awareness

Being able to quickly recognise an attack can make a big difference and help you survive. Therefore having an understanding of ‘situational awareness’ is important.